Meet Donna FIrman

About Donna

Donna is the Founder of Mustard Seed Advisors and a passionate advocate for the good works and hard-working people of non-profits and grant making foundations that support our communities.

Donna is a Chicago business executive who relocated to Wisconsin in 2016 to dedicate her life to improving the nonprofit landscape in Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Dane and Cook Counties. After a twenty-five + year career in for-profit businesses she became a nonprofit Executive Director where she drove operational excellence, implemented funding strategies, recruited and trained governance boards, established communication plans and social media strategy, built capacity, wrote and was awarded private foundation and government grants, created, planned, and executed a brand identity for a major fundraising event and acted as a fiscal and grant manager. 

Mustard Seed Advisors helps nonprofit organizations and funders, who serve the community, build capacity, develop strategy and raise money. We help the world changers change the world!  

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