Meet Connie Loden

About Connie

Community and Economic Development specialist, working both for individual communities and as an international consultant and speaker.
Understanding of community systems, markets, public relations and leadership that guide communities to improve economy and quality of life factors.

Specialties: Specialties in strategic and scenario planning, industry cluster networks for rural areas, project management, marketing and public relations, tourism development, engaging communities and designing and implementing comprehensive community and economic development initiatives. "Strategic Doing" and Search Conference Certified Facilitator and IEDC Certified Economic Development Professional.

Serving as a Senior Project Manager for the New North, an 18 county regional economic development organization in North Eastern Wisconsin, Connie Loden, led the development of the highly successful and award winning Wisconsin Supply Chain Marketplace, organizing suppliers in the state for customer diversification opportunities.  She has over 20 years of experience in leadership and economic development roles, having received numerous state, national and international awards for her involvement in community economic development initiatives and rural development networks. She is an entrepreneur with a small business background, having started and operated several small businesses in Wisconsin.

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