About Cedar Collaborative


The Challenge

  The pace of change is at an incredible speed. This not only impacts businesses; but people and communities. The strength of the economy and the impact of new technology and communication tools have placed unbelievable pressure on communities to be ahead of the curve and create a successful position for the future. Communities must create and live a brand that appeals to workers of all ages, especially tomorrow’s workforce. This requires a different approach, a new set of skills and tools to leapfrog communities to the next stage of advancement.


The Solution

 Fresh thinking and a different approach! Introducing CEDAR Collaborative, a community engagement organization focused on providing a new perspective and essential, expert resources with a focus on the future. CEDAR stands for Community Engagement, Development & Advancement Resources and offers a network of the best community development resources in a single, coordinated source. 


Enter CEDAR Collaborative

 CEDAR Collaborative is built on the foundation of solid, proven experience. We are a unique virtual team of experts with specific skill sets to address today’s development and engagement needs. What we have learned about the critical process of CHANGE in communities has come from direct involvement with businesses, organizations and governments throughout the region. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in your process of change and advancement.